Hello, world! I’m finally doing it….

The time is finally here.

After spending over 7 years working in the field of Social Media, I have decided it’s time to take blogging more seriously.  After all, I have every other piece of the puzzle already up and running. (Find me on Facebook, Twitter and my website, www.MarketingMakesMeSmile.com.) I also have Pinterest, Instagram, FourSquare, YouTube….WOW…that’s a lot of places you can find me.    See what I mean? Sheesh.  Follow/subscribe/stalk/ me on all those, too, if you’re not already.

I’m a Marketing Coach & Social Media Expert who has been working with clients on how to use the Internet for their marketing since 2005.  I might as well blog, too, right? The funny part is that I set this up in 2010 and never even got around to making that first post.  Oops! 🙂

My main goals for this blog:

1.  Share my knowledge about Social Media Marketing with you.

2. Build this up so that I can monetize this additional aspect of my business and spend more time with my son while blogging from the beach. 🙂

I’m a coach and national speaker who presents at universities, conferences, workshops and more, so this blog is a win-win.  You get the answers and education you’re looking for, and I get to accomplish #2.  You in?

Please subscribe to my email newsletter list to make sure you get my hot notices that’ll come into your inbox whenever I post some new, juicy stuff for you here.  Social Media changes faster than an Olympian can run the 100 yard dash, so make sure you’re always up to date by sticking close to me.

If you ever have any questions about social media, marketing or branding please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I love, love, LOVE teaching others what I’ve come to learn over the years.  NO question is a dumb question and as they always said in school – don’t be afraid to ask because at least one other person is wanting to ask the same thing.

Here’s to our journey together!


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