Battle of the Smartphones: iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III or Nokia Lumia 900?

The first thing you have to know about me and smartphones is that we go way back.  I started programming cell phones back in 1999 and spent the next six years in the wireless industry.  So when I make decisions about phones, it’s coming from years and years of being a “power-user” as we’re called.  My device is an extension of who I am.

Since I teach people how to use social media for their marketing efforts, I’m always online.  It’s a pretty much 24/7 non-stop kinda game and mobile is a big part of my day.

My phone sleeps next to my head, I haven’t used a watch or regular alarm clock since the 90s and I freak out when it falls to the bottom of my huge purse and I have to dig around for more than 10 seconds…hoping that I didn’t leave it somewhere behind and have to experience near panic attacks if I don’t touch it or it’s not within (or ON) my actual body at all times.  Maybe I need a meeting, but hey, this is important.

So I’ve been a hugely loyal Apple fan since my days of working at AT&T when I actually sold the very first generation iPhone back in 2007.  It took me a bit to get off my Crackberry and switch over, but once I did, I was in love.

Fast forward to present day and I’ve had several generations of the iPhone.  Now I want something different.  Their glitz and glam and multi-million dollar advertising budgets can only go so far on me now.  I want something cooler, better.

I’m out of contract with AT&T, have three lines (including an iPad2) and need a phone that works.  So here are my top choices:

iPhone 5








or these two – Samsung Galaxy S 3 and the Nokia Lumia 900











After playing with each phone, I’ve come to a conclusion.  My final selection is on its way to my as we speak.  I’ll be blogging about it then.

Which phone would you choose?


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